Posted on: October 20, 2008 3:23 pm

College Football Week 7

Focusing on the top 25 in College Football there wasn't really any good games that I would say had an effect on the NC picture except for Bama struggling to put away Ole Miss and being shut out in the second half.  The first week for the BCS rankings and the top 5 rounded out about how most people expected it too.  Texas dominated Missouri in Austin and solidified there claim to the top spot.  Alabama got off to a hot start against Ole Miss but almost gave the game up in the second half.  Penn St. and Oklahoma both won convincingly and USC beat Washington State high school......I mean University, by 69 points to stay in the hunt for the title.  The rest of the top ten took care of business the way we would expect them to.

Just a few comments on the initial BCS poll.  I was a little surprised to see LSU out of the top ten.  They've been a mainstay when speaking about the top teams in the nation.  Looking at the remaining top 25 teams, it's not the usual suspects anymore.  Ball State, Northwestern and Minnesota round out the top teams and Florida State sneaks in at number 25.

Some big games to watch in the Big 12 conference this week are Texas/OK St., TT/Kansas, Oklahoma/Kansas St. and I suppose you could throw Colorado/Missouri in there becasue of the impact it could have on the North Division.

Penn St/Ohio St. square off in Big 10 action but the rest of that conference might as well just flip a coin to see who wins.  It won't really matter this week.

USC should handle Arizona with ease and UCLA/Cal will go at it in the clash of the insignificants.

The game of the week in the SEC is Georgia/LSU.  A loss here will probably put the Bulldogs out of the BCS hunt.  Georgia is definitely on upset alert.  Alabama/Tenn should be entertaining, especially if Bama has another game like they have had the last two weeks.  Tide fans should be nervous going into this one with a tough SEC rival.  Florida/Kentucky round out the last of the significant SEC games this week.

In my opinion this is the best time of the year to be a College Football fan.  The first week of legit BCS action is when we find out what our teams are really made of and who can handle the pressure and the hype.  Fire up the BBQ and break out the beer bongs. 


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Posted on: April 30, 2008 12:49 pm

Questioning the Fanhood!!!

I don't really understand some sportsfans these days.  The more I listen to conversations or read blogs I'm more and more convinced that my confusion stems from just a few different fan bases.  There is almost always a majority opinion in the country when it comes to topics about sports or sports figures.  You'd have to look pretty hard to find a nut that actually thinks Roger Clemens is innocent of taking PED's or wasn't banging Mindy McCready when she was 15 year old little girl.  Most of the country knows he did all of that and is just trying to clear his own name by dragging out a defamation of character lawsuit.  But there are very few of those stubborn uninformed sports fans who 'misremember' the facts about what REALLY happened.  I can understand the guy that is completely distraught because The Rocket has been his hero since he was eating his own boogies, but what I don't understand is the Ohio State Buckeye fans that feel the constant need to hype up their own squad to any Tom, Dick and Harry that feels like arguing with them. 

You can go to almost any message board on this site and you'll see a thread that says, How many days since scUM beat tOSU or Why Ohio State will never join the SEC.  There's never a shortage of threads saying that OSU is the real deal and they got screwed in the NC game.  If you ask a Buckeye, they got screwed in every game they've lost since 1958.  I'll tell you why OSU will never join the SEC.  It's because they're in OHIO and not in the South East.  That's the most obvious answer to me.  Not to mention the fact they wouldn't see a NC game for at least 5 years because, as we've all seen, the SEC spanks them like naughty school girls.  If OSU fans would stick to their own boards the world would be a better place.  I put Laker fans in this category of stupidity as well.

As a PHX Suns fan I'm aware of the rivalry that exists between us and the Lakers (though I've heard from a couple Laker fans that a rivalry does not exist), but do I want to converse with them on a PHX board?  Hell NO!!  I don't want to see a Laker fan post threads like, Breaking New: Mike D'Antoni fired.  And then to start the thread there's something like a LOL in there.  I mean does that really make people laugh out loud?  I could tell you that D'Antoni was going to get fired a month ago.  That's what happens in the NBA when the plan doesn't work out.  Coaches get fired and players get traded.  I wonder if Laker nation was laughing out loud when Kobe made that video about getting rid of Bynum.  Now that was entertainment.  But I digress.  Don't these idiots have anything better to do?  They are probably the ones that keep internet porn sites up and running......Off topic again, Sorry. 

Anyway, don't get sucked into the pointless jibber jabber of crazed porn addict phsychos that are dreaming about playing Michigan for 10 months out of the year.  Just be a fan of the game.

Posted on: April 11, 2008 10:32 am

How about a few Cardinal games on TV?

I understand that North Dakota isn't exactly the hot bed of television ratings.  I know that if all 4,500 sports fans who live here (that number may be exaggerated) don't tune into the regularly scheduled Red Sox/Yankees game it barely make a blip on the ratings for that particular time slot.  But can I get a Cardinals game every now and then?  In the last few years I've had an increasing interest in baseball (probably due to my old age) and would like to follow my Cardinals throughout the season.  I was a regular on the 3rd base line in the old Busch Stadium when I was in high school, which sprouted my love for the Redbirds, but I get so many Red Sox games where I live that I now know that Kevin Youkillas has moved to 3rd last night and played pretty good.  I SHOULDN'T KNOW THAT.  Is there any way to get away from the 'evil empires' of baseball.  Can't I hate these guys and just watch my own team without having to buy an expensive sports package.  I don't want to watch every team play every single game.  I just want to watch my Cardinals play this weekend against the Giants and flip back and forth to the Masters.  Is that too much to ask or is this America? 
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